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Cynical and power-hungry, the immortal Shadow Raven lurks in the night. Her sole purpose: Harvest the souls of lecherous men and unfaithful husbands. Choose your own adventure in the fantasy worlds I have created! Check below for my stories on Episode: Choose Your Story. Stay updated with my stories! Through my Instagram, you will see the latest previews of my stories, amazing fan arts and contests!

Other than reading my stories, another way to support me is to support my dream to become a full-time writer. Thank you! From an ancient men-havesting witch to a collage girl who crossed dimensions and became a queen… From a famous scientist with three doctorates to a nerdy girl who found her calling in video games… Explore the fantasy world I have created, fall in love and choose your own path!

A strong-willed college girl stumbled upon a kingdom in a different dimension. Would she fight for survival, love, power, or just a way home? Smart, beautiful and socially awkward, renowned scientist Elizabeth is forced into a new life with people unaware of who she is. Will she find love? Strong-willed with her own set of values, a college girl stumbled upon Ethania, an ancient kingdom in a different dimension.

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Would she fight for survival, love, or just a way home? As a nerdy girl, you have only homework and online gaming in your life.

The Ruby Tiara (Episode 6) Episode Choose Your Story

What happens when you are caught kissing a picture of your equally nerdy crush? Have a piece of art you would like me to see? Send it to my email: wincyyellow. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message.Live Now. Explore the All-New. Adventure awaits. Expedition Unknown. Join archaeologist Josh Gates as he investigates unsolved iconic stories across the globe. Watch every episode. No sign-in needed. During this unprecedented time, Josh explores the world while staying Safer at Home.

Josh welcomes us into his house to interview an adventurer for insights into Legends of the Wild. Then, Josh dives deeper into the mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Explore the Bermuda Triangle. In the conclusion of his epic investigation, Josh Gates uses cutting-edge technology to investigate the Triangle's most infamous shipwreck and lost flights.

Will he find answers to just how the Triangle works or will it forever remain a mystery? Amazing WWII finds. Josh Gates touches down in Normandy to investigate battles on land, air and sea. The expedition reveals a Nazi threat greater than ever imagined, unearthing a massive German bunker complex buried for 75 years.

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Join Josh Gates as he investigates unsolved iconic stories across the globe. Worldwide Treasure Hunt. Global Game Show. Josh Gates plays game show host in this special episode featuring investigation highlights.

Sign In. Josh Gates Tonight: Safer at Home. With updates following the recovery of the ruby slippers - Josh investigates the theft of one of the most iconic pieces of Hollywood memorabilia of all time: the ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz.Scroll down for video.

A favourite of the Queen mother. Resplendent in rubies, the Queen has worn this Oriental circlet tiara only once, on a state visit to Malta inpaired with the Baring ruby necklace that she bought in Gift for a youthful bride.

The George VI sapphire tiara, was added to the Queen's sapphire collection - started by her father on her wedding day - in This, the George VI sapphire tiara, was added to the set - started by her father on her wedding day - in It began life as a necklace, bought for Princess Louise of Belgium in the late 19th century. A scandalous figure with a string of lovers, Louise ended up estranged from her family and in dire financial straits. She sold her jewels, including the necklace, which was turned into a tiara, to pay debts.

The Queen has worn this stunning tiara regularly - here, at a reception at a London hotel in Inspired by the court of the Tsars. Ruby rose style she chose for herself.

This Burmese ruby tiara at a Silver Jubilee gala in was commissioned by the Queen from Garrard in It incorporates two of her wedding presents: 96 rubies from the people of Burma and diamonds taken from the Nizam of Hyderabad tiara, another gift. According to Burmese tradition, rubies protect the wearer from illness. The tiara is a wreath of roses, each with a ruby centre, separated by rays of diamonds. The only one that's King size. There are 1, diamonds, though it was shrunk by Queen Alexandra inwho removed 11 diamonds to fit her smaller head.

The Queen Mother also had it resized. It's on the money. At the tender age of 27, the Queen wears her favourite Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara, at the foot of the small staircase inside Buckingham Palace inalong with the Nizam of Hyderabad necklace. Cool and calm in ice blue. She is pictured wearing it at a state banquet in Moscow in right and a smaller version of the tiara in left.

It was commissioned by the Queen from the then Crown jeweller Garrard into match a necklace and earrings given by the President of Brazil to mark her coronation in She was so fond of the set that she wanted a matching tiara. She is pictured at a state banquet in Moscow in and wearing a smaller version, thought to have had a few stones temporarily removed, in The one she lends - but never wears.

Made by eponymous jeweller Cartier in from diamonds and platinum, the so-called Cartier Halo tiara was an 18th birthday gift to Princess Elizabeth from her parents. After a few decades in the vault, the Queen loaned it to the Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day.

The simple style, which could be worn with a bouffant hair do, was very much in fashion. Smuggled out of Soviet Russia by a real-life James Bond. When the revolution erupted, the family fled and the tiara was left behind, only to be smuggled out of Russia by a British secret agent. Spies, intrigue and a daring escape - the Grand Duchess Vladimir tiara has perhaps the most fascinating story of all.

A few years later, she had the tiara adapted to replace the 15 pearls with emeralds, but kept the originals so both styles could be worn. The Queen inherited it from her grandmother in Tiara is a real puzzle. A headache for Diana.

episode stories like the ruby tiara

It is a copy of. Tiara snapped on her wedding day. But just before she left for Westminster Abbey, the tiara snapped, and the court jeweller had to rush in for emergency repairs.The series premiered on Nickelodeon in the United States on January 12, and ended on April 15, Charming tries to bake without magic, which is forbidden to use on Pumpkin Moon Night, and instead, she burns her pies.

episode stories like the ruby tiara

After failing to collect as much candy as Parsely, who stole extra candy by growing a second head he pretends is his friend, Hazel tries to beat him to choosing the biggest pumpkin. When Parsley wins that race too, Hazel breaks the taboo by enchanting her pumpkin with magic. It not only grows larger than expected, but gains arms and sentience. It befriends the plant-loving Posie, and is able to out-smart her in a game of tic tac toe. Its happy dancing and joyous laughter at experiencing the wonders of life is quickly doused by the Charmers force-feeding it butter, cinnamon, cloves, eggs, flour, milk, nutmeg and sugar until it dies.

It explodes into slices of pumpkin pie. Too disgusted to consume it themselves, they feed the baked corpse of their murdered Jack-O-Lantern friend to their unaware family and friends, without informing them beforehand about the fate of victim they were eating. It turns out Parsley won the pumpkin race by enchanting his broom.

The Charmhouse won't let the girls in, so they ask the Enchantress what's up, but miss out on the important bits, and go to the Sparkle Tree to get Sparkle Glue until they figure out love is the answer.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Some of this article's listed sources may not be reliable. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved January 19, Corus Entertainment. January 19, Retrieved January 26, Treehouse is delighted to announce the premiere of Little Charmers, a fantastical new preschool series that celebrates the magic of friendship, on Saturdays at p.

ET, beginning January The Futon Critic. Retrieved 11 January Archived from the original on 11 January TV Media Insights.Ruby is practicing on the piano for the school concert and Max's toy fire truck's gone. Ruby tries to get Max to play with other toys until Ruby finds that Max's toy fire truck was in the piano. Max and Ruby eat lunch, but Max makes a mess, so Ruby decides to give him a bath.

Max makes a mess in the bath, so Ruby gives him a shower.

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Max points out the stains on Ruby's dress. Max cannot sleep without his red rubber elephant. Later, he finds it must have been under his bed all this time. Max is not seen to eat his sunny-side-up egg and tries to hide it wanting strawberries instead. Max then manages to trick Ruby into eating the egg. Louise has a secret for Ruby on the telephone, but Max keeps interrupting Ruby with his noisy toys. Max then hangs up so Ruby never learns the secret. Ruby and Max are visiting to Louise's house, but Max wants to stay home.

After Max makes them miss so many buses, Louise decides to come over at Max and Ruby's house. Ruby wants to plant marigolds as Max has chosen to make a "worm cake. Max wants to play in the rain. By the time Ruby outfits Max with rain gear, the rain has stopped but Max puts the raincoats to good use with a garden hose. Max and Ruby are having a camping but Max wants to sleep outside the tent.

They do just that, when Max stuffs the tent with toys. Ruby and Louise build a club, but Max tries to sneak in when they're not in. Later, Ruby builds Max his own club.Underdog Alana, 6, goes up against gum-smacking Heaven, 6, and chocolate lover Laci, 8, pulls out all the stops to get the judges' attention. Siblings Riley, 5 and Bob, 6, steal the show at Southern Celebrity Glitzmas pageant with their "fierce" drag queen moves!

See our picks. A documentary series focusing on the controversial subject of teen pregnancy. Each episode follows a month period in the life of a teenager as she navigates the bumpy terrain of Mama June begins a revenge diet so she can look completely different in time for her ex's big day.

Brides-to-be from all over America come to Kleinfeld in New York to finally say yes to their wedding dress.

Episode 88: Cheesybreadville / Stolen Smells

How far would you go for love? Fans of 90 Day Fiance have seen lovestruck foreigners make the big adjustment of moving to America, and now theyll get to follow hopeful couples where its the American moving abroad. This reality television show features all different types of addictions drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, etc and real people living with them on a day to day basis.

Each show features Follows the cast of the second season of '16 and Pregnant', giving viewers an intimate look at the challenges Chelsea, Leah, Jenelle, and Kailyn face raising a child as a teenager. Everything suddenly changed in Csillagkut. The life grows up in this tiny Budapest-agglomeration town.

Everybody creates new gossips about Peter Pongracz, who give up his American welfare Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew.

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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide.The podcast is hosted by documentary filmmaker Payne Lindsey, who examines the unanswered questions of the case with a cool, dispassionate eye. Crimes and their backgrounds are reconstructed in absorbing detail, strengthened by interviews with experts and witnesses.

The wide variety of subjects may not be satisfying to anyone who wants to explore a particular crime in more depth. Hosted by award-winning journalist Phoebe Judge and originally launched ineach episode focuses on a new crime, individual, or story. It doesn't look at specific crimes but rather the "crime culture" of specific towns, which provides the focus for each season.

The first series analyzed crime in Providence, Rhode Island, where corrupt mayors were no less criminal than mob bosses.

episode stories like the ruby tiara

Its focus on the conduct of investigations may not be satisfying to those more interested in the crimes themselves. Its engrossing insight into some of the most outlandish scams and corporate injustices in recent history. Hosted by the anonymous "Concerned Citizen," its attraction lies largely in its ability to penetrate below the surface of corporate America, using steely narration and archive recordings to expose corruption in a highly gripping way.

The relatable and amusing hosts, whose banter prevents the subject matter from being too affecting or depressing.

The unique subject matter, which is handled in a thoughtful and respectful way despite its extremity. Heaven's Gate is a crime podcast exploring the religious millenarian cult of the same name, which saw 39 of its members commit the United States' largest ever mass suicide in March The slower, disjointed pace may not be entirely appreciated by those who want crime podcasts to unfold quickly.

To begin with, John comes across as the 'perfect' man, yet as the podcast gradually reveals, he isn't quite all that he seems…. In the latest season, Ridgen examines the case of Kerrie Brown, a year-old who disappeared from a house party in Thompson, Manitoba. Her body was found two days later. Ridgen goes to Thompson to speak with family members, witnesses, and suspects. What he found there might help the case move forward. One recent episode examines the brutal Maddie Clifton case, while the hundredth episode of the podcast looked at the killing of Ramsay Scrivo, whose own mother was found guilty of his murder.

Such disturbing cases are typical, but host Mike Boudet narrates them in a calm, matter-of-fact way, without resorting to salaciousness. First appearing inCasefile True Crime or just Casefile for short is an Australian podcast that focuses on the grislier end of the crime spectrum. Hosted by "Anonymous," the eerie background music helps to create a haunting atmosphere in which each episode's tale of murder or violent crime is evocatively spun.

Every episode focuses on a single crime, although in some special cases these are stretched into two- or three-parters, enabling listeners to really lose themselves in the recreated events. Each episode deals with a different unsolved murder, moving from one town or country to the next and covering a broad range of murders and situations.

What distinguishes it from many other podcasts are the dramatic reconstructions, with the podcast using actors to recreate important scenes rather than witnesses or experts. Tweet Share Email. These podcasts are free unless marked there is only one that isn't free.

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